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Extensive Tree Care Services in Waterford, MI

Top Tree Care Inc.Top Tree Care Inc. is a company dedicated to serving you with comprehensive tree care services in Waterford, MI. We are a team who work tirelessly to ensure that your tree care needs are addressed and serviced.

Storm Damage Specialists

Rely on our experts to safely and efficiently take care of your emergency tree care needs. Storms are as unpredictable as the damage that they cause. Our team is equipped and experienced in dealing with any complication with the damaged trees.

Top Tree Care Inc.

Tree Removal & Trimming

Consider removing trees that interfere with the health of other trees or threaten buildings, driveways, or utility wires. Our team is here for this highly technical job and requires trained and qualified professionals. We also offer trimming services that keep your trees healthy and thriving such as removing unwanted branches hanging over structures. We help with elevation changes along with general pruning to keep your trees health throughout their life.

Lot Clearing

If your property is going through a transformation, use our lot clearing services. We clear trees and shrubs from your land that make way for renovations, new construction, and lawn expansions. Our team has experience in dealing with any surprises during the process of lot clearing, and we complete the job following the highest safety & satisfaction standard.

Top Tree Care Inc.

Stump Grinding

Our team assists you to remove the unsightly stumps in your yards. Stumps not only are dangerous if they are not removed, but they also have many negative effects. Our technicians know the right techniques and the proper process to complete the stump removing job right way.

Professional Assistance – Just A Call Away

Hire a professional to handle all your tree care needs!

Top Tree Care Inc
Top Tree Care Inc